Handicapping American Idol

American Idol is down to the final 24 contestants. This is where the show gets really interesting. All 24 are good, and possibly better than the final 24 in previous seasons. But there are a few that are real standouts. Below are, in my estimation, the top 10. I’ve put them in order, not with a bet that they will finish in this order, but, I’m pretty sure the winner will be one of the following singers.

  1. Constantine Maroulis
  2. Anwar Robinson
  3. Mikalah Gordon
  4. Scott Savol
  5. Carrie Underwood
  6. Nadia Turner
  7. Mario Vazquez
  8. Anthony Fedorov
  9. Sarah Mather
  10. David Brown

I’ve put Constantine first because he’s an outstanding singer and performer, but I believe he will also appeal to the largest voting block — the 15-year-old girls. Unlike John Stevens last year, whom the girls kept in the competition far past what he deserved, Constantine has real talent, so even if he rides his teen idol cuteness deep into the competition, I don’t think I’ll object. But, then, it’s a long competition, and some people who look strong early wind up falling apart.

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