HDTV and the future of newspaper video

Is the future on newspaper journalism HDTV? Gary Arlen thinks so. I’ve been looking forward to the day since 2004 when delivering video content over IP allows newspapers to compete directly with TV news stations. I’m not sure it will be, or always be HDTV.

Clearly, the opportunities for video are going to continue to grow. The newspapers that are going to win in this space are problem the ones who have already started strong multimedia programs. As broadband bandwidth improves and more people get it and as it becomes easier to watch video right on the big box in the living room, then the demand for quality will increase.

On the other hand, if media is getting more personal and personalized, is the future really going to be about getting IP-delivered video on TV, HD or otherwise?

From the same post, this bit about WaPo’s video efforts are interesting:

WPNI is accelerating its HD production and archiving by equipping 40 of its print reporters with Panasonic mini digital video cameras for live feeds to the Web site. It also has six professional videographers who accompany print reporters doing longer articles. The shooters generally come from a broadcast background and create more traditional documentary pieces.

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