Homeless CitJs with P&S

“Where’s the news media at,” is a good question in this video shot by a homeless person with P&S camera.

Via Matt Waite, who observes:

What caught my attention is that a homeless woman — who lives in a tent on the side of the road and has more worries than I can comprehend — can take a point-and-shoot camera and with no training, put together a short, compelling video clip and publish it for the world to see. How many college educated, regular-paycheck-getting reporters in your newsroom can do the same?

What she did isn’t high art. It isn’t going to win an Emmy, but go here, watch the video and tell me you wouldn’t do cartwheels if reporters in your newsroom were bringing that kind of content to put on your site.

It wouldn’t take much training to get better video from a reporter with the same equipment. Your competition is doing it, why aren’t you? (Note: Your competition now includes homeless citizen journalists).

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