How the Bee should have handled it

You know, if the Bee had said, “We’ve noticed that Weintraub’s blog is really popular, and we believe that it has a future as a viable part of our publication mix, and because we want to ensure its continued success, we’ve decided to include Weintraub’s postings as part of our regular editorial process. Weintraub’s blog entries will now be reviewed by an editor.” I don’t think very many bloggers would have complained. In fact, most of us would have applauded the move as a sign that blogs are coming of age in big media.

Sorry, no time to add links … but read Matt Welch today on this topic … Welch blog rolled on the right. (links TK this evening) Also, Instapundit links to a Tim Ruttan column that is worthwhile. (UPDATE: See, good to my word, I supplied the links.)

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