How come they never get the ethics right

The season premier of Boomtown tonight.

It’s an interesting premise — the story of a single crime from multiple perspectives, such as the cops who respond, the detectives who investigate, one of the criminals, a news reporter, an attorney.

There are many fine things about Boomtown. The writing is quite good. I mean, it’s very good. They story tonight was compelling and the characters are well developed and portrayed well by the respective actors.

But the show has one fatal flaw — the ethics. TV writers never get the ethics right when it comes to news reporters. For example, in Boomtown, the reporter for the “Tribune” is sleeping with the District Attorney (or ADA, not sure of his rank). Now, I’m not saying every reporter avoids sex with sources, but it isn’t likely. Most reporters do have a better sense of ethics than that. Or at least they’re smart enough to realize that it’s not a good career move.

There was a TV show a couple of years ago on NBC called Deadline. In that show, the editor of the paper hid a wanted criminal, whom she had been having an illicit affair with, in her apartment, and even as her staff wondered where he had disappeared to, she kept quite.

Such ethical foul ups just simply destroy a show’s sense of reality.

Still, we may tune in again. Like I said, the writing is good, very good.

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