I (my car, actually) could be in the movies

So, I’m sitting in Dagny’s, listening to Ken Layne, and two people approach me.

“Excuse me, but do you own the Mustang,” the young lady said, pointing to my yellow pony out the front window.

The gentleman then spoke with a German accent, “We’re looking for a car just like that for a short film we’re shooting, and you can’t rent them in that color. You can only get red.”

They offered me $300 to show up in Castaic at 5 a.m., and then spend the all of the next day in LA while they turned my car into a star.

My decision isn’t final, but I think I have to say no.

For an unemployed guy, I’m pretty damn busy and the notice is too short.

Here’s the Web site for the film.

Of course, maybe I should be concerned … I just read this:

A gun dealership in a hot, humid, dark city: A revolver spends another sleepless night waiting for a lover. It feels lonely, unwanted. Suddenly a crash…

A crash? With my car?

It’s probably a different crash, but still …

And in reading the above, I can see why they’re in Bako on a 104-degree day.

They told me they’re shooting in a pawn shop just around the corner.

Speaking of hanging out in Dagny’s — this is weird … I can’t search Google from here. If I do, I get this error (staff confirmed, this is a legitimate error.) Weirdness.

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