Idol Update

When American Idol got down to 24 contestants, I picked my top 10, predicting that the winner would come from that 10. Idol is now down to 12, and my top 8 all made it through.

Now, I’ll pick my top six:

  1. Anwar Robinson
  2. Nadia Turner
  3. Jessica Sierra
  4. Bo Bice
  5. Constantine Maroulis
  6. Anthony Fedorov

You’ll notice that there are some names here that didn’t make my previous top 10. One thing about Idol, as the competition goes on, some performers pick up the pace and find new depths to their talents, and others succomb to the pressue. Robinson and Turner were good from the beginning, and Bice and Sierra have really shown the most improvement. Maroulis has stumbled badly, but I still see a lot of potential there and wouldn’t be surprised if he found his feet again. My dark horse pick is Scott Savol. Carrie Underwood has an incredible voice, and is beatiful and charming, but lacks emotional depth. She doesn’t know how to pick good songs.

My prediction — the eventual winner will come from that top six … technically, if you combined my previous prediction with this one, you’re left with Robinson, Turner, Maroulis and Fedorov.

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