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The post below is my first “MP3 of the Day” post. I’ve got about 30 of these queued up. I hope this is something I’ll continue to do, but I’ve started many projects on this blog only to later lose interest … I think that’s OK to do on a blog, you know?

My inspiration and goals are this:

  • I sometimes get frustrated at how hard it is to find quality, free MP3 songs. I figure if it’s an interest of mine, and hard for me, too, it’s hard for others who are interested as well.
  • I think the CD/Album is dead. The MP3 is the 78 record of the digital age. It’s all about the single song (by the time 45s came along, we had LPs). The fee-based services have two faults: They are LP-oriented (though single song purchases are possible, the navigation isn’t really about one-song downloads, and besides, 99 cents is too expensive), and all but one are weighed down by DRM. (I do have an subscription, but I find it’s limited inventory almost not worth it.)
  • We’re all gatekeepers now. You tell me about good songs. I tell you about good songs. Together, we help the best rise to the top and find an audience. We don’t need no stinking DJs or music critics telling us what to listen to.
  • I want to do my small part to encourage record labels and artists to release more music as free, non-DRM MP3s, and encourage non-DRM MP3s as much as possible (whether for fee or free).

My first song is Goldmine by my friend, the late, great Buddy Blue. He left a legacy of many great MP3s on his site.

You’ll note that my version of WordPress includes a plug-in for streaming MP3s. Cool, uh? After I made my first post live, I was surprised to see that, and not pleasantly, but then I figured out how to make a direct link to the MP3 on its host site (all of these MP3s are saved on the original host site).

In most cases, the source site clearly owns the rights to make these songs downloadable. There is one source site I’ll use where that isn’t the case, but in that case, this site has existed for years and the record companies, artists and RIAA don’t seem to mind. For the most part, however, I’m looking for sites that are clearly trusted sources of free, legal, non-DRM downloads. With that in mind, send your suggestions my way — leave a comment. I’m particularly interested in artist and record label sites that make MP3s freely available. Those sort of forward thinking people need to be encouraged.

That said, I’m not linking to anything I don’t like. While I’m not suggesting my subjective taste are the end all and be all of musical quality (though I do think I have exceptionally good taste), I think the only way this exercise works is if site visitors are confident that I’m using my best judgment for my recommendations. I can’t offer up a link that I don’t believe is quality music. You may not like what I like, but at least know that I’m not purposely sending you down false trails. Your time with these songs should not be wasted.

One last note: I’m offering up the songs with no commentary. I think the music should speak for itself. You’re not being asked, per se, to make a purchase here, but rather to invest three or four minutes of your time and see if you agree that a particular song is good. Criticism seems superfluous and even a hindrance to the main task — getting you to the music. Keep it simple, is my motto. Besides, I should be spending whatever time I devote to this project looking for good songs, not trying to impress you with the wisdom of my musical insights. In this exercise, it’s all about the songs themselves.

I hope you like this new feature. If you do, encourage me to keep doing it with comments and feedback.

4 thoughts on “Introducing MP3 of the Day

  1. I think the CD is the vinyl of the digital age, if vinyl isn’t the vinyl of the digital age; until lossless audio files get popular, there’s still going to be a market for them for people who are picky about digital audio quality.

    The only way to kill off CDs for good is for the expansion of lossless formats and media center PCs (or something like them); despite being a geeky 20something with lots of geeky 20something friends, I’m the only person I know who has a connection between my music library and my home stereo system, and the only person I know who put in an iPod connector to the stereo in my (girlfriend’s) car so I don’t have to deal with a tape adapter or iTrip. If you skip the “kits” you can do it for pretty cheap.

    My friends burn their mp3s to CDs to listen to in the living room/car. How 2003! Some of them even buy CDs!

  2. rbally has some pretty good MP3 live performances that are downloadable. It’s not a record label or artist site and I don’t think there is any rockabilly, but you might like it. I’m still 1993 let alone 2003 so I don’t know if this works in your format or whathaveyou.

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