Jagels vs. TBC: Round 2

Ed JagelsBakersfield District Attorney Ed Jagels has his latest sensational attack on The Bakersfield Californian posted.

As a matter of fact, the District Attorney’s Office has been extraordinarily successful in its misdemeanor prosecutions. But your reporters couldn’t know that, because they are too busy writing the “impact stories” you demand, i.e., inventing conspiracies and scandals.

You’ve got to love the ad hominem attacks and hyperbole. What a great way to show you’re better than the guy you’re tearing down.

Mike Jenner responds:

“I’m glad Ed Jagels is finding time to prosecute these misdemeanors,� Jenner said in response to Monday’s report. “That’s certainly not the impression I’ve gotten from his comments in the past about staffing issues, or from actions by the city of Bakersfield, which has hired its own prosecutors to press misdemeanor cases that Jagels’ office didn’t have time to pursue. We appreciate the story idea, and we’ll take a closer look.�


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