Jeff Bishop — blogger

Have I spawned another blog child? It looks possible.

I met Jeff Bishop when I was a reporter at the Daily Californian in El Cajon. He was the Libertarian candidate for the 77th Assembly District. His opponents were Steve Baldwin (GOP) and Tom Connolly, the Democrat who won that race. Tom probably benefitted a good deal from Jeff being in the race, since without a Lib candidate, Baldwin probably would have won the Republican-leaning district. I wound up going to work for Tom and Jeff wound up becoming a Republican. He’s also a lawyer and a very smart man. He’s taken me to task more than once in the comments section of this blog.

As far as I know, though he’s never told me this explicitly, I introduced him to the concept of blogging. So, I’m hoping and guessing, that his introduction to blogs through my blog has inspired his own blog.

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