Jose “Fluke” Lima

Jose LimaIs there any reason to hope that Jose Lima might win some games in Kansas City?

Joe Posnanski thinks so. Now with a 2-0 start and an ERA of 3.44 is doing better after re-emerging as a major leaguer than anybody expected.

Lima says he’s no fluke. His career stats say other wise. Even in his best years, it looks like he survived more on luck than skill. Horrible OPSs, too many walks. How does a guy who lets 3 of 10 batters reach first base win 20 games? Probably by pitching in the Astro Dome. Unfortunately, the ESPN site doesn’t supply his splits for the 1999 season, but I suspect they would show he was much more effective at home than on the road. (I just found this page, which shows Lima’s Astro Dome career ERA is 2.90. In no other stadium where he’s pitched at least 40 innings, is his ERA even close to being that low. Pretty damning evidence.)

Still, pitchers who develop new pitches, sometimes defy the odds, because they become new pitchers. It will be interesting to see how Lima progresses this season. Former 20 game winners always bear watching. Not that I’ll add him to any of my fantasy rosters any time soon.

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