Journalists should blog (and I can help)

Typewriter LettersReporters and editors should blog. To help the cause, I’m offering three newspaper journalists the chance to start a blog with their own domain practically for free — they have to buy the domain, but I’ll host it for free. This hosting account I have now allows me to run a total of six domains. I have one and I’ve already promised two to other people (more on that later). That leaves three accounts available.

If you are a newspaper reporter or editor and your company does not offer you a place to blog, and you don’t currently have a blog of any kind, you qualify for one of these accounts.

If you would like an account, please post your request in the comments to this post. Please share a little about yourself, your background and current journalistic status, and why you want to blog. If there are more than three requests, I’ll need to use what you say and my intuition as to who gets one of the three accounts. It’s not a contest, but if there are more than three requests, I can’t fill them all.

Sure, you don’t need me to host your free blog, but this is a chance to do so under your own domain, which for some people is a barrier to entry. I hope this offer spurs a couple of people to jump into blogging.

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1 thought on “Journalists should blog (and I can help)

  1. If it involves a little technical assist, I’m in. I didn’t see this before.

    Temple Stark, 35, 10 years a journalist at small daily and small and mid-sized weeklies. Worked in Washington state and Arizona.

    Have been an early reader and intense critic of bloggers who want all the rights and access and respect of many journalists without any accountability. I’m not saying that’s all, and may in fact be a minority now. I’ve seen the online media critics perform many of the mistakes they decry from traditional media.

    I believe in blogging as a medium, but consider it writing primarily, along with taking advantage of the medium with “extras” – audio, bigger pictures and, when possible, and worth it, video. I have recently been invigorated by the idea that for newspapers, online Web sites means that “breaking news” means something again. They can do that, again.

    Now, editor of the Eloy Enterprise in Eloy Arizona. It’s a poor town with about 11,000 people and about 75 percent Hispanic. Making good money, personally, and seeing the newspaper turn around for the better (hooray).

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