Joy in the mail today

tony pierceIf I had been home, I would have kissed the postman today … twice.

Arriving from good friend, kick-ass journalist and fine musician Kevin Featherly was a CD titled “Gettysburg.” It is the result of what happens when you turn loose a talented man with a home recording studio and CD duplication tools and a good printer. As expected, Kev’s songs are soulful and deep.

And what happens when you give a talented man a keyboard connected to the Internet? You get the Bus Blog, and arriving with Kev’s bundle of joy was Tony Pierce‘s “Blook,” a collection of his best writing from the first year of the Bus Blog. I ordered my copy. Have you? You should. I’m only a few pages into it so far and already overstimulated on good writing.

My copy of the “Blook” is number 70. I guess that makes me about half as important as Glenn Reynolds . I’m cool with that. I’ve been reading Pierce for a lot less time. Unless, of course — novel concept — Pierce numbered them according to the order in which orders were received, if you follow what I’m saying. I wonder what numbers Layne and Welch got?  Who the hell cares — all the cool people already have the book anyway, I’m sure. And that’s what matters (hey, don’t get mad at me for gloating — I’m so rarely among the cool — it’s a heady feeling).

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