Kids today, growing up connected and in control

Meet Gen We, a young generation growing up with media it controls and finds not just newspapers boring, but television, too.

Certainly, Gabriel is growing up in a computer-savvy family with parents who, as game designers, encourage use of technology. They own a TiVo, so when they do watch TV, it’s time-shifted without commercials. Gabe and his dad also play on Sony’s PlayStation 2–games as well as other titles like the instrument software Guitar Hero. Though Gabriel parents imposed a limit of only two hours daily in front of a screen–TV, PC or game console–he’s tuned to a world where he controls media, not the other way around.

Researchers say this kind of environment, in which parents aren’t afraid of or are clueless about technology, is fostering a new generation of kids who are naturally adept with technology and comfortable with having virtual access to friends, family and the world at large.

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