Kind words

I’ve received a number of nice compliments recently. In a fit of shameless self-promotion, I’ll share them.

Comments left on this site:

We don’t add any comments, because there’s nothing more we can say — just more words, but yoru ideas were succinct enough.
Posted By foo bar, inside the hell of san francisco

You are a voice of sanity in sea of the absurd on both the left and right.
Posted By What? Dhaln, Minnesocold

I stumbled upon your site … I don’t know how. Despite being on different sides of the atlantic (or pacific) and of different opinions, I read your blog because I think you articulate your opinions like I wish I could mine. You usually provoke me to think about my views and convictions and to sometimes add to the debate. awe? I wish I had the time, the patience, the determination and the conviction that you seem to exhibit in your blog.
Posted By Peter McClymont, UK

Great Post! Good to see someone express what I & I think a lot of folks, feel, but cannot articulate as well as you
Posted By Tom Comerford, Dallas


And from other bloggers:

Howard consistently puts out great stuff . . .
Justene Adamec

Thanks to Howard for the kind words (I think) over at his awe-some site. I think he was taken aback at my awe of his blog. I’ve mentioned Howard before. He is the web guru for a newspaper out in Southern California. Howard is a complulsive blogger, who speaks with strong conviction. We don’t see eye-to-eye on many things political. We both share a love for baseball.
Peter McClymont

Howard Owens … has a lileksian piece on record collecting that’s worth your time.
Steve Smith

UPDATE: Glenn Esmay is kind enough to add to the list:

Have you ever noticed what a good blogger Howard Owens is?

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