The King of Mambo

prez -- prez pradoMy favorite record store has been sold. The Record Outlet is now Grady’s.

The store, at least, is in good hands. Grady is young, energetic, responsible and knows music. (Name dropping aside, his sister is Olympic runner Marla Runyon.)

I bought four LPs in there today. The one I most want to tell you about is “Prez” by Prez Prado.

Prado is a guy who’s music should be in the collection of every latin music lover, and if you don’t love latin music, you will if you listen to a few Prez Prado tracks. He was the true Mambo King of the 1950s. He really had an ear for great arrangements, infective melodies and lively tempos. Besides, his trademark grunts are half the fun.

Predo is best know for the hits “Mambo No. 5,” “Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White,” and “Patricia.” His best songs are punctuated by bright, shinny slithery horns. “Prez” has no shortage of brass parts that are downright greasy.

My favorite Prado LP, though, remains “Exotic Suite.” I mention it with a high “buy” recommendation.

Also in today’s bargains from Grady’s was Chet Atkins “Finger-Style Guitar” and “Workshop.” Two of Chet’s classics.

It’s always cool to find great old LPs.

Note: Grady just bought the Ventura location of Record Outlet. K.C. retains the Thousand Oaks location.

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