Kit to help improve video editing

Here’s something interesting for anybody looking to improve his or her video editing chops: Film School in a Box.

The product is aimed primarily at would-be feature film editors, but it sounds like the sort of thing any visual story teller could us as a learning and practice workshop.

Their (Dave Kebo and Rudi Liden) work on the black and white mystery/noir, “The Confession”,  produced several hours of footage which would allow them to develop different angles during the editorial process.  Several lipstick cameras were placed throughout the set to record the actors simultaneously.  Because there is so much footage to work with, overlapping storylines and nonlinear shooting, you can cut the story into several different pictures easily.

The tool kit provides a shooting script, Camera reference map, Quad split, FCP project and over 15 hours of original footage.

The whole “noir” thing interests me … wish I had time for it.

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