gets the scoop with $89 video camera

Much to the dismay of some people, I’m regularly pushing the value of low end video for newspapers.

While I’m a firm believer in the strategy, it’s not my idea originally. That credit should go to Jack Lail at His site’s Random This feature gave me the idea (the feature won a Digital Edgie this year). continues to find success with low end cameras. In his blog, Jack tells the tale of the site’s popular video interview with a Knoxville-based porn star who got pulled over for speeding and wound up giving a state trooper an “oral favor.”

The sound quality is a little scratchy, but not at all irritating. Picturewise, you’d be hard pressed to do better with a high end camera. Certainly, the picture is good enough.

This video is pretty good evidence is what matters most is the content, the news value or interest value of the video itself, not the price of the camera.

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