LAT trying to right the ship

The remaking of the L.A. Times internet efforts continue, including an Internet 101 class for all staffers (I’d love to be a fly on that wall).

I don’t get putting a break on blogs:

Blogs: Effective today, there’s a moratorium on new blogs on We’re going to take several weeks to analyze the two-dozen or so ones we have, how they’re performing and if we have the right mix. During this period, Betty Rinehart and her crew will provide supplemental training for the existing bloggers and develop the criteria and a process for adding new ones.

I think they should be encouraging people to dive right in. Fail fast. Learn and move on. In this era, you don’t have several weeks to stop moving forward, especially in an area as important as blogging.

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1 thought on “LAT trying to right the ship

  1. My question is: How do they determine if they “have the right mix?”

    This is definitely an example that this new “understanding” of the web is not going to be easy.

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