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Kevin Roderick at LAObserved has posted a memo from editor Joel Sappell promising more and better video.

Today, we’re implementing a new and improved video strategy. We’ll be giving our audience better and faster access to local breaking news and features through an upgraded video player on the homepage and throughout the site. The effort also will mark the beginning of a new, creative partnership with our sister company KTLA and, come early 2007, we’ll be operating a full-fledged video portal.

I’m not sure partnering with a TV station is the smartest way to go. I would rather put cameras in the hands of every reporter and get them posting their own video related to the stories they’re covering. I happen to believe that newspaper reporters have a better eye for detail, are less likely to engage in sound-bite journalism, and are better at telling a story than what TV news has traditionally done. TV reporters and editors are trained to think about time. On the Web, time is irrelevant. It’s all about intention and attention.

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