Leave Tiger and Augusta alone


You can’t call me a typical white male, a sexist pig, because what I’m about to write … my wife agrees with me on — totally. So there. I’ve got the women’s vote sewn up.

Augusta National should not be forced to admit women.

Surely, by now, you know the story. A bunch of feminists, having run out of real issues to whine about, have decided that Augusta must, just must, admit a woman member. The New York Times and East Coast Elite MediaTM has made it an ISSUE. The Masters won’t have commercials this April (not that it ever carries many commercials), but sponsors are saying they won’t sponsors it anyway (chicken shits), a member has resigned, boycotts are planned and all kinds of people are saying Tiger Woods should boycott it.

This last idea is ridiculous. Why? Because there is something way more important than getting a woman into August — it is Tiger Woods pursuit of history. Whether Tiger Woods feels this way or not, I don’t know and I don’t care. This is how I feel. Tiger Woods has a chance to solidify his claim on the title “World’s Greatest Golfer Ever” and to do that, he must win at least seven Masters and 23 Major Championships. Skipping even one Masters could jeopardize all of that.

Tiger skipping the Masters is unthinkable.

But this issue is bigger than Tiger — it’s about a man’s right to have a place of his own. There are women’s clubs in this country and there are men’s clubs in this country. And I don’t see why it can’t be that way.

Race discrimination by private clubs is bad, because race is a totally arbitrary standard. But there are real differences between men and women. Men when around other men behave differently and have a different feeling about how they can behave than when women are around. And women, I know, feel the same way. We’re not talking here about denying women the right to good jobs, promotions, pay raises and other workplace equality issues. We are talking about the right of men, enshrined in the Constitution, to freely associate with other men. And where men have that right, protected by the Constitution, so do women.

The glib response, of course, is that a bunch of women should go out and create their own golf Club, one equal to Augusta. We all know that isn’t going to happen. It’s not realistic. It’s taken Augusta many generations to build its prestige and its standing in society. It is unique. At the same time, I don’t believe woman are being done any harm by being kept out of Augusta.

What this whole issue is about, really, is liberals, once again, beating up on rich white males. And when you boil this issue down to its one bare essential fact, it is all rather irritating and trivial.

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