Lee Rocker deserves better from me

lee rocker bulletproofMore evidence of my irresponsibility … long ago I asked for and received a review copy of Lee Rocker’s latest CD “Bulletproof.” After a couple of listens, I knew it was good enough to review, but I got bogged down with a bunch of work-related deadlines. Then I lost the CD. Then I found it, but again, didn’t have time to review it. Then I lost it again. It’s been months since I’ve seen that shiny little disk, even though I still have the handsome jewel case.

But my lack of care in keeping track of “Bulletproof” is not a commentary on the quality of the music. It says more about the disorganization of my office.

Rocker’s CD is full of revved-up rockabilly, and even if it is a little predictable at times, what with “One More Shot” overt bow to “Mystery Train” and guitarist Tara Novick’s repeated aping of Brian Setzer, it is still a CD I wish I could listen to in full tonight. I especially miss hearing Rocker do the title track and his hep version of “Frankie and Johnny.”

“Bulletproof” isn’t going to convince any non-rockabilly fans to get tattoos and slick back their hair, but for those of us who are already greased up and ready to go, Rocker’s latest disk is full of fire and fun.

I’m sending this link to Rocker’s publicist, whom I’m sure will write me off as a total flake, if he hasn’t already, but all I can do is to beg you, gentle reader, not to judge Mr. Rocker’s effort by my tardiness in calling your attention to his CD. If you love rockabilly, even with my little nitpicks, you should own “Bulletproof”.

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