Leeson on being an embed in Iraq

It’s old news, so maybe you’ve already read it, but if you haven’t, David Leeson’s essay on his experience in Iraq as an embedded photojournalists is very good. It’s about the importance of the journalistic mission and what he learned along the way.

I am a cynic of war. But cynicism did not prepare me for this war. I was not prepared to actually become fond of soldiers, but I did. More than that, I found myself in admiration of their discipline and their simple understanding of mission. For them, each battle was merely another step closer to home. These were not warriors in the true sense of bloodlust. They were lethal, yes; but killers, no.

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2 thoughts on “Leeson on being an embed in Iraq

  1. Um, why wouldn’t a person be fond of soldiers.
    Why wouldn’t a person admire their discipline?

    That’s odd. No one, least of all a reporter, believes everything. But they should be prepared for everything. – Temple

  2. The full piece does provide slightly more context and depth. It’s not that the peroson beign set should be gung-ho (Geraldo), but the idea that he thought he couldn’t respect the soldiers (rather than the controlling top brass) is, odd as I first stated.

    It IS old news by the way. Copyright 2003?. It would be interesting to hear from a person who was there in 03, 04, 05 and 06, to figure out how or if their perspective changed, and what changed in “the media’s” relationship with the military, and its members.

    I’ll look for that person. – Temple

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