Let’s get serious

The Fall Classic is sports’ greatest event.
It should be treated as the classy lady it is.
So why are Joe Buck and Tim McCarver the broadcasters on these games? Nothing against Buck. He’s pretty decent as broadcasters go, but McCarver is a stiff. His “color” is cliché-ridden, facile and too often wrong to be trusted. It’s pretty sad when the play-by-play guy (Buck), who never played the game, knows more about what’s going on on the field than the ex-player, McCarver.
The World Series doesn’t really need commentary, but good broadcasters can enhance the game.
If Bud Selig really cared about the game — and it’s doubtful that he does — he would impose a rule on whatever Network has the broadcast: Use only the best broadcasters. That means no McCarever, no Joe Morgan, no John Miller, etc. And only the likes of Vin Scully, Bob Costas, Al Michaels and for color, probably Dave Campbell and possibly Tony Gwynn (who is showing real promise as a color anaylsis). I realize the networks usually go with whomever they have under contract, and back in the days when NBC had a monopoly on the game, that was fine. It didn’t get much better than Curt Goudy, Tony Kubek and Joe Garagiola.
I’m just tied of putting up with, year after year, second rate talkers covering the world series. But these days, no network has a monopoly on the best sports broadcasters, so baseball should take control of who presents their best games (including the All-Star Game).

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