Life without television, but with broadband

Six or seven months ago, I began to think about life without television: could I do it? I think I could. I don’t watch much TV anyway. The main thing I’d miss would be easy access to Chargers and Padres games.

Robert Lemos, writing for Wired, chronicles how he and his family literally cut the cable line and went broadband for a month.

He went in a completely different direction than I’ve considered. Lemos tried to replace as much regular programming as possible with iTunes downloads. In my concept, I’d fill the time without TV with other pursuits online, including watching, if I felt like it, random clips on YouTube and other video sites. I might keep up with the best bits from the Daily Show and the Colbert Report through YT. And I might seek out interesting stuff of a full length variety through Google Video or other sources. I might find some video blogs to suck in through RSS and make them a regular habit, if I felt like it. Why this approach and not Robert’s? Because I believe that’s how future no-TV broadband content consumers will approach video news and entertainment.

I bet there are already people doing it.

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