A little feedback

This is primarily for those of who who have been reading this blog since it was Global News Watch — Do you think my blog is better now, when it deals with a variety of subjects and very little politics, or was it better when I wrote about all kinds of war and world issues?

Frankly, I’m hoping you’ll say you like it better now.  Not that I want to prejudice you, but if you liked it better before, let me know.  I’ll try to do more politics and war issues, then.  But I kind of feel like there are so many bloggers out there doing that kind of stuff so well, I should just write about what strikes my fancy and hope people enjoy it.

Personally, it’s more entertaining for me to write and think about a wide variety of topics, but maybe that’s too self-indulgent. But then, isn’t a blog supposed to be self-indulgent?

Of course, I know there are a good number of people (but that I mean some where between 100 and 300) who visit the site regularly, so I must be doing something right.

I don’t ask this question entirely out of insecurity. Even though blogging is largely an act of self-interest, there is little point in doing it if at least some people don’t enjoy what you do.

Last point for the long-time readers:  If you have a blog, let your readers know about how this blog has transformed and what it’s like these days.  I fear some people might have written me off because I didn’t do a very good political as well as many other bloggers, and I also want to get the word out to other bloggers who are more like me — covering a variety of topics, that this is no longer a strictly a political blog. 

For newer readers — do you like the fact that I cover a variety of topics, or do you come here hoping I’ll write about a specific topic?

What sorts of things do you think I do best?

At the risk of revealing what a pathetically small readership I have, I’m encouraging comments in the comments section. Please leave comments.

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