Lo-fi video does not mean lo-fi results

Mindy McAdams left a comment on this post pointing to a video she found not boring. What I found most interesting is that the video was shot with lo-fi equipment, thereby proving that you do not, indeed, need to spend a lot of money to achieve quality results. The expense on this video is even less than anything I’ve ever proposed.

UPDATE: Here’s a post from Cyndy Green (the veteran TV-journalist turned teacher who produced the video above) where she talks a bit about using lo-fi gear to achive quality results.

Again, the point is it is not the gear that makes the story – it’s all in the mind of the videojournalist. Once you know the process and have the basic gear, you can do nearly anything.

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1 thought on “Lo-fi video does not mean lo-fi results

  1. Thanks for the comments – I’m always amazed when people think they need a gazillion dollars in gear to make a movie. George Lucas didn’t start that way. He shot 8mm, but he had a vision. That’s what news, documentaries, movies are all about – seeing the world in your own unique way. Had a student a while back who taught himself video production using the video feature on his cheap digital still camera and moviemaker. I’ve even heard of a workshop for high school students on how to use cellphone video to make movies. Can’t wait to see what comes out of that. While my focus is videojournalism, there is a lot of cross-pollination in the technology in all visual media.

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