Looking at Canton’s video training

A couple of weeks ago, we brought Cyndy Green into Canton to train photographers and reporters on video basics.

The photographers were working with Canon HV20s, and the reporters with Casios.

The staff in Canton continues to consult with Cyndy, and Cyndy is sharing some of the things the staff is learning and dealing with. Here’s her latest post.

I know that a lot of journalists object to the video strategy I advocate, because it doesn’t stress “quality.” But as I told the Canton staff when I met with them a week or so before Cyndy’s training — you’re not going to be like TV, don’t even try, especially since that isn’t what the online audience wants or expects. You’ve got to learn video before you’re ever going to produce quality video, and we’ve got to start at whatever level we start at, so we’re embracing the low end (inexpensive equipment and quick-to-produce videos) with a commitment to grow.

Cyndy did a great job and it’s going to be fun to watch Canton grow as an online video team.

2 thoughts on “Looking at Canton’s video training

  1. Thanks Howard…
    Just did another post to explain my overall view of news on the web. Yes – I like high end gear and love to look professional. But there is a time and place for everything. You can’t exclude people because they don’t fit your model.

  2. […] Cyndy Green did video training for one of the newspapers of Gatehouse Media, where Howard Owens works. I’ll also be interested to see how that paper grows. Cyndy’s blog is a great training aid, I can’t even imagine how good she is in person. […]

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