Looking at a possible XM, Sirius merger

In some ways, a merger between XM and Sirius seems inevitable — two under performing companies in the same, cramped space. But as this Business Week piece points out, there are some big obstacles, such as anti-trust regulators and executive egos.

If a merger doesn’t happen, I don’t see how both companies can survive, and my favorite, XM, seems to be losing traction. I can’t imagine another start up in satallite radio at this point, so if we’re down to just one provider either through death of one or merger, it will be a bit of a shame. Competition is always good.

I’ll be disappointed if through merger or death my favorite XM stations went away, such as Hank’s Place (now Willie’s Place), Frank’s Placy, X-Country, The Loft, Fred, etc. The only on Sirius that I like so far is The Garage.

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