Lunch with a gun-loving liberal

Today I learned about the “Arnold Palmer,” a drink that contains half iced tea and half lemonade. I’d never heard of it before, but it turns out that it’s the preferred drink of Armed Liberal (at least at lunch on a work day).

AL and I met for lunch today, and it was quite a lunch. There certainly wasn’t a lull in the conversation as we covered aspects of writing, blogging and every conceivable hot-topic issue in the news.

As I’ve said before, meeting smart, friendly people is one of my favorite pleasures in life, so lunch with AL today great fun. One of the most rewarding aspects of blogging is that its given me the opportunity to meet some really fine people. Bloggers are rarely dullards.

We were originally supposed to dine at Wood Ranch — my favorite BBQ place, and appropriate after the BBQ posts of last week, but we got there and found out that WR doesn’t open until 4 p.m., so we had to drive over to the nearest sports grill for a burger.

We did raise our Pepsi cups (his filed withe Arnold Palmer concoction, and mine with Diet Pepsi) in a toast (at my request) to Glenn Reynolds. It was my thank you to Glenn for today adding me to his permalinks. Glenn, sorry the toast wasn’t with a little something hardier, but we both had to go back to work.

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