MacBooks rock, but I bought my wife a Compaq

The new MacBookPro rocks, according to Leander Kahney, writing for Wired.

I’m pretty happy with my plain vanilla MacBook.

For me, it’s like two computers in one.

And it is pretty darn fast.

On the Windows side, it’s not as stable as I would like. There is some quirkiness with keyboard mapping, but it’s functional.

Yesterday, I bought my wife a new desktop — a Compaq Persario, which I got on sale (after rebates) for $179. What a deal. It’s a 1.8 Ghz AMD processor and more RAM and HD than the desktop I’m replacing for her (which was pretty near top of the line four years ago). All she does is e-mail, Web and MS Word. I also replaced our 10-year-old Dell monitor with a wide aspect (I LOVE wide aspect) Envision monitor for $159 (after rebates).

I saved so much on the computer and monitor, I bought a new HP printer/scanner, too. The printer will take every kind of memory card imaginable to print photos straight from the card to photo paper.

Billie’s pretty happy. The old computer was just becoming too unstable and she was getting pretty frustrated with it. I wanted to wait until we moved, and I was even considering get her a MacBook, but there will be more peace in the house now …

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