Matt and Emmanuelle

To pick up on a theme of a couple of days ago — one of the great things about life is the people you meet. There are many, many good people in this world, and among them are Matt and Emmanuelle.

The original plan for Saturday was for this duo of journalistic free-lance spitfires to drive up to Ventura and take the Erle Stanley Gardner tour; unfortunately, rain washed that away. But with the determination of all good reporters, Matt and Emmanuelle decide that a torenchal downpour wouldn’t deny them their day off of fun and so they escaped Hollywood for a few hours anyway.

The darlings are indeed good people. We had a delightful evening with them of wine, great Mexican food, music and conversation.

I had not met Emmanuelle before. She is, indeed, the young, dark-haired French girl — bright, sweet and with a natural, unpretentious beauty that makes her absolutely charming. My normally shy and private wife took to her immediately and before the end of the night Billie was sharing all sorts of personal details from our biographies. Matt and Emmanuelle, being good people, of course, were polite enough to show interest.

Matt, knowing I collect California history books, was also thoughtful enough to bring me new thirft-store find: “From Wilderness to Empire: The History of California,” by Robert Glass Cleland. It was published in 1959, has great illustrations, and is exactly the sort of book I love to add to my collection. Thank you, Matt.

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