Media bloggers must-reads

Not too long ago, Shane Richmond did a post asking media bloggers to call out their favorite media-related articles and blog posts.

I’m quite proud that Shane included one of my posts in his list.

Several other people have responded to the request and I’m going to throw my links into the stew myself.

I’m trying to avoid including links I’ve seen show up elsewhere, so if your favorite post isn’t here, maybe that’s why. Or I just forgot. Feel free to add your favorite links in comments either here or on Shane’s blog.

Outing’s post above deserves an extra hat tip. It inspired this post, which has been the basis of my primary content strategy ever since.

Good idea from Shane. I hope he compiles the results.

Shane didn’t ask for this, but there have been some good old fashioned dead-tree books that are ongoing mental references for me:

  • The Search, by John Battelle
  • We the Media, by Dan Gillmor
  • Don’t Make Me Think, by Steve Krug
  • Net Gain, by John Hagel
  • The Long Tail, by Chris Anderson
  • First, Break All the Rules, by Marcus Buckingham
  • The Vanishing Newspaper, by Philip Meyer
  • Innovator’s Solution, by Clayton Christensen
  • Competitive Advantage, by Michael E. Porter

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