Mini cars in Ventura

mini carsWhen I saw a Mini Cooper parked outside my gym a year or so ago, I thought — what a cool car. It’s retro European, but thoroughly modern. If it wasn’t so damn small, I’d want one.

I figure I’d seen Minis in films about London and whatnot, but until today, I didn’t fully appreciate the Mini history. Today, I happened across the MiniGuy’s shop and found a garden of these quaint little hot rods.

It’s amazing, some of these cars can now sell for upward of $20,000. And the MiniGuy is quick to tell you, he’ll ship to anywhere in the United States, and has.

I sat in one of these things and surprisingly, I fit. But even at a low-end $6,000 model, I don’t think I want to adjust to a right-side drivers seat.

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