Misheard lyrics

Billie and I were talking about a song and misunderstanding the lyrics. In this case, “Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy,” which I heard for much of my life as “Mersy dotes and doesy dotes and little lamsy divey.**” That reminded her of the time she was driving her son and a friend down the road and singing along with the radio, “Broadwalk to the alps … boardwalk to the alps,” which made both teen-agers roll on the floor, because it should have been “more bounce to the ounce.”

All that reminded me (and her) of an article years ago about misheard lyrics. I believe the title was, “Excuse me while I kiss this guy.”

If you leave a comment below saying that never in your life heard Jimi Hendrix sing, “excuse me while I kiss this guy” instead of “excuse me while I kiss the sky,” I won’t believe you. I’ll tell you right now. I won’t believe you.
So, I googled “excuse me while I kiss this guy” to see if I could find that old article. What I found was kissthisguy.com, a repository of misheard lyrics. What a great idea for a web site. And that link is the entire point of this post.

(**Here’s a real mind binder — read the Wikipedia entry on “Mairzy Doats.”  I got it all wrong. )

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5 thoughts on “Misheard lyrics

  1. OK, I cheated. I Googled that.

    Butt the funny thing is, I was just walking in the door no less than three minutes ago thinking, “I should see if I can download some John Prine from eMusic.com.” I’ve never given Prine as much attention as I should.

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