Moneyball for business geeks

For fans of Innovator’s Solution, a blog.

I’m just starting to uncover the “innovator’s web” … seems like there’s a lot of good resources out there, and some interesting perspectives.

For those of you who don’t know what all this is about … think “Moneyball” for business geeks. There’s a lot of paralles between the two books … it’s all about efficiency, using information that matters (OBP — jobs people need done) and ignoring information that doesn’t (BA — technology for technology’s sake, i.e. CueCat), and relying very little on the professional, grey-beard scouts.

UDPATE: I’ve changed my mind a bit about the blog I link to above … though I initially found it based on a post about the book, and read some other stuff related to the book, digging further into it today, there’s a lot of stuff that is more “old scout” thinking than “moneyball” thinking on the blog, including a link to a really fuzzy-headed post from another blogger on how all future innovation is going to be driven by female-cultured, flat, collectivist teams.

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