More missing YouTube videos

A while back, I started a long-tail project of linking to some great rockabilly videos on YouTube. I never finished.

When I switched from my home-grown blogging app to WordPress, all my “embed” tags for some of those videos were stripped from my posts. Tonight, I embarked on a project to re-embed some of that video (which in WP ain’t easy — it takes a special plugin).

In the process, I discovered several of the rockabilly videos I first tried to turn you on to have disappeared. If you follow some of the links in the original posts (below), you’ll find several have been removed.

Fortunately, all of the Collins kids remain. I was also please to find all my favorite Nick Lowe bootlegs in tact.

Some over zealous attorney is very, very, very foolish. Removing these videos benefits no one, and certainly not the copyright holders who could stand to substantially increase revenue from the copyrights by increased exposure and availability to these classic performances leveraged by the power of the long tail.


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