Morris goes celeb

Morris Digital works has launched a user-generated content site around celebrity gossip.

Another good idea from Moris.

I’ve become convinced that celebrity news on the Web is big. Here’s why: I do a post about Rick Sutcliffe showing up drunk on television, and I start attracting people searching for “Rick Sutcliffe drunk.” Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of searchers looking for news about Xavier Nady and his wife (and my only mention of Nady ever was a couple of years ago when he was on my fantasy baseball team). Many moons ago, I did a post about Connie Chung that Dave Barry linked to … I still get plenty of Connie Chung traffic. Two weeks ago so, I was getting a steady stream of people searching for “Connie Chung fired.”

And I’m just a little micro-traffic blog (though, with the unusually high Google page rank of 7).

Anecdotal evidence, to be sure, but still, I think there is opportunity for news sites with celebrity gossip.

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