5 thoughts on “MP3 of the Day: Assembly of Dust – Leadbelly

  1. I know you like posting this mp3 of the day thing — but i find it quite annoying.

    I read your site in my google reader — (i tend to read your site too often i think ) —

    but i don’t “get” the mp3 thing.

    I come to your site for your views on the digital revolution in newspapers — not what you think I should be listening to music wise —

    I am sorry but that is not why I “subscribe” to your feed”

    maybe you can make a new blog on your server called “Howard’s Musical Picks”

    or maybe not have your mp3 files export to your RSS.


  2. Thanks for the feedback, Seth. While newspaper online media is my particular speciality, it isn’t my only media interest. I tend to blog about it more, because it’s what I know the most about and it’s what I read the most about as a matter of professionalism, but I subtitled the blog Media Blog because I like all media.

  3. I like the mp3 of the day posts Howard. The premise of your blog is generic enough for it to be included – and even if it wasn’t, it’s your blog so you should be entitled to post whatever you like. Keep up the good work, I say.

  4. I’m not a media person or journalist or anything, and I see where it could be annoying, but my local newspaper has a music critic or reviewer or whatever, and I’ve always thought that it would be great to do something like this on his online blog.

    How’s that for a run-on sentence?

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