5 thoughts on “MP3 of the Day: Beat Farmers – Jump Right Back

  1. Hey Howard, thanks gain for undertaking this project. I hope you continue past your original one months’ worth of songs.

    I have some wonderful memories of the Beat Farmers when they first came out. I saw them live in Denver, Boulder, and their Colorado performances are still legendary.

    Not sure if you’re a fan, but you might check out Big Head Todd and the Monsters’ MP3 page…. As a fan and early supporter of the band, I still follow their career.

    A lot of the songs on the page are available as podcasts (Todd decided at one point he oughta just give away the songs online as he finished them, before the band put out the CD). Cool idea. The page also has links to MP3 files that were never offered via RSS podcasts:

  2. Thanks, Gil. I’ll check those out.

    Country Dick and I went to the same high school (a couple of years apart). I hung out with him a bit back then. My best friend from HS went on to play bass for Buddy Blue and Buddy and I became friends. Great guy. Still can’t believe he’s gone.

    Here’s the obit/profile of Country Dick Montana I wrote in 1995.

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