Music in the mail

Pulling up to the house this evening, I could see a padded envelop hanging from the mailbox. That meant only one thing — a CD had arrived. The only CD I was expecting was from some filthy cajun commie country crooner I knew before he threatened to lob lawyers at me, but it wasn’t from him. (Note, now Layne says the damn thing is late because he’s supposedly conned somebody into actually mastering the thing. Sheesh, what some guys won’t do to avoid blogging. Oh, wait, he’s been blogging a lot recently, especially for a guy who’s on summer vacation.)

So it wasn’t that CD, but it was still a bundle of goodness. The Trophy Husbands finally have a new CD out, and Dave and Kevin sent me not one, but TWO copies, which means I get to spread the happiness.

The new CD, btw, has the very happy title of “Walk with Evil.”

I’m listening it now. It’s everything I’ve come to expect from Arizona’s finest C&W-Rock-Rockabilly-Blues-Folk band. Lots of foreboding, defilement, crunchy guitars, pounding drums, and dust on the trail.

The still fabulous Dark and Bloody Ground can be found here.

The final thrill of it all: Dave and Kevin include “Howard Owens” in their liner notes’ “Thank You, Thank You”s. Here’s a first — my name on a commercially available CD. Fun.

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