My first podcast

I lied. I did create an RSS feed for my new podcast. Here it is. Will it stay? Will I populate it regularly? Who knows?

I lied on my first podcast. This is just an experiment. I wanted to see if I could do it. And, you know, what? I can. Here it is.

Don’t be surprised if I do it again. Don’t be surprised if I don’t. I imagine I will. It’s fun.

Oh, I also lied about the echo … sounds fine to me. It sounded more echoie in the headphones. Sounds fine listening to it now.

UPDATE: Oops, looks like I lied again. I’m using Icerocket to create my RSS feed, and Ipodder doesn’t recognize it is a valid podcast RSS feed, and looking at it, I can see why. The “link” element isn’t really a link element, but cdata, which sucks. I can’t really have a podcast without a proper RSS feed, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

SECOND UPDATE: So I ran the Icerocket RSS feed through FeedBurner and came up with this feed that actually seems to work with iPodder (it’s the whole enclosure thing), so see if this works better for you.

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