My kind of diet

Today’s search term: “Jim Beam and the Atkins diet”

Other favorites from the last few days:

 The Truth is Out There (I get this one quite a lot — I wonder what they’re all looking for … truth? Well, they’ve come to the right place … )
 “powell doctrine” (another daily favorite)
 charles shaw merlot (yup, keeps popping up)
 “political parties suck” (I agree)
 pete’s place la mesa (dive bars rule)
 cure for “leg cramp” (if you find it, let me know)
 famous old bars dives (yup, is quickly becoming dive bar central)
 bono, jesus (cool …)
 “global news” eat all you want (no thanks … )
 russia orphanages boys rape (I have Pete Townshend to thank for this one)
 sex with children is not illegal in russia (ditto)
 aaron haspel (Aaron, are you ego surfing?)
 truthful news (still looking?)
 what’s so great about america (I alredy know, do you? — also a very popular search term for this site)
Trent Lott recently praised which man’s segregationist presidential campaign? (just ask, I’ll tell you)
“atkins doesn’t work” (really? could have fooled me)
bukowski dive bars (need I say more …)

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