MySpace is Big Media

Hey, kids, News Corp is watching you.

They want to know what you like, when you like it, why you like it, and what you’ll like next. And if they have their way, what you’ll like next is what they tell you to like next.

And they’ll use MySpace to do it.

“You’ll see us morphing from a content company into a marketing company,” Levinsohn says, “a youth marketing company especially, because that’s where everything starts. No one is going to be able to control the flow of content the way we used to. MySpace gives us the ability to look inside and understand how hits get created” — that is, to spot micro-niches, track early breakouts, and identify hot IM buzzwords as they bubble up.

And kids, your worst nightmare is coming: “OMG!!! Mom has a MySpace profile!!!!!”

MySpace is going to be interesting watch. As the Wired article points out, participation feeds on itself. It may be impossible for many to become unglued from MySpace. On the other hand, if the kids become hip to the fact, and it is a fact at this point, that MySpace is just another tool of The Man, then will they head off to the next trendy thing? How much longer, if ever, before MySpace becomes uncool? (link via Terry Heaton).

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