MySpace founder unhappy with deal he made

I don’t see how you can sell your company and then turn around and sue the buyer for not giving you enough money. If the $560 million price tag wasn’t too your liking, why did you take it? How can you blame the the buyer for undervaluing your company? Don’t you know the value of your own company? If you don’t, isn’t it your own fault for getting ripped off, if indeed you were ripped off?

When MySpace sold, Greenspan made an obvious strategic decision to cash out before the value of his company’s value declined to zero, which it easily could have done. Now that MySpace may (or may not) be worth more, Greenspan can’t blame anybody but himself for not getting full value, it seems to me.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Google is about to buy YouTube. Apparently, Google doesn’t mind becoming the favorite pin cushion of copyright holder attorneys. In this case, $1.6 billion for YT.

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