New laptop

I have a new computer.

It’s a MacBook.

My old (and by old, I mean less than three years) HP has always been fragile. It served me well, but was prone to hardware problems. Recently, applications were crashing consistently. I’d had two physical memory dumps recently. I suspect a hardware problem.

No matter what may come, I’ve got to have a reliable laptop.

I chose the Mac in part because I used to be an exclusively Mac user, in part because OS X seems so cool, but the real kicker is the duel processor. I can’t get away from some key windows applications for things like Cold Fusion development.

I do need to find some good open source software for the Mac side — I’m not going to buy Office, and I could use something for HTML, etc. Maybe I’ll go back to BBEdit.

So far, I’m pretty darn happy with this machine. I just need to readjust to the lack of a right mouse button.

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