New link policy

My blog roll pretty much serves as my bookmarks for which blogs I visit regularly.  Unfortunately, the bigger the roll gets, the harder it is to visit every site as often as I would like.

On the other hand, every site on the is a site I still want to visit once in a while, at least. Plus, some times I discover (or visit for the first time) blogs that I do not necessarily want to add to the blog roll just yet.

So here’s how my blog roll works now:

1) Blog Roll: Sites that I either visit everyday and/or sites that are run by people whom I know visit regularly. My favorite bloggers are generally those I have a relationship with. They read me, I read them … we leave comments on each other’s blogs, and we exchange e-mails. Exceptions are guys like Glenn Reynolds and Tony Pierce, whom I’m pretty sure never visit this site unless I send them a link to something specific, but I still love these blogs and visit as often as I can.

2) Reciprocal Blogs: These are blogs that I like, but I don’t think the blogpritors read very often, and I don’t necessarily read them everyday, but we link to each other. I appreciate the relationship. I just wish they would link to instead of one of my former domains.  I’ve shoved Armed Liberal and Arnold Williams down into this category only because they are not regularly updating their blogs often now, so I visit them less often. If you have a blog in this category and think I’ve been unfair to you, leave me a comment or drop me an e-mail. I would love to move you up and know that we’re reading each other regularly.  If you don’t belong in this second category, you’re only there because I never hear from you and you never blog anything that links to one of my posts.

3) Newish Blogs: These blogs may have been around for a long time, and I may even have known about them for a long time, but I’ve decided to start visiting them a little more often. They aren’t linking to me, and I haven’t established a relationship with the blogpritor, so they don’t fit in either of the other categories, so this is where I’m sticking them — for my own surfing benefit.

If you have a blog and you’re not on any of these blog rolls and you want to be … let me know.

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