This new media stuff is a lot of work

Sometimes, I wonder why I didn’t become a doctor.

When I was very young, I told my mother, “I want to become a doctor.” Of course, mom knew I wasn’t a big fan of school, but I think this was meant to encourage me: “You know, doctors have to study hard all the time. School doesn’t stop after you graduate. There are medical journals to read, and textbooks, so you keep up on all the latest research.”

“I don’t want to do that,” I said.

So what did I do instead? I got into the new media game, where things are always changing and there’s always one more research report to read. And you have to keep up or risk becoming obsolete and irrelevant, if not an outright quack. I think I have about five reports piled on my desk right now … there’s always something new to learn, and you can’t ever learn it all …

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