Newspaper video is not TV

I’ve said it before, and even though every time I say it, it draws criticism, I will keep banging out the same note: newspaper video cannot and should not be TV.

Here’s Beet.TV on the video efforts of the New York Times, and specifically on David Carr’s video blog.

Andy Pleaser in his set up:

It’s indicative of an opportunity to create a new kind of video. It’s not slick. It’s not broadcast TV. It’s just good, fun, solid video reporting.


The idea of what looks good now has changed. People want what looks real. I’m obviously not a television person either by voice or by look. I look more like a homeless guy in Times Square than I do a TV star. At the beginning of the year we started talking what we would do the Carpetbagger. We talked about two cameras, more production, and I said, ‘You improve this at your peril.’ It has to look natural. It has to look fresh.

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4 thoughts on “Newspaper video is not TV

  1. Broadcast TV videoblog is not broadcast TV!


    Guy sitting in what appears to be the newsroom reading sports while somebody else holds up sheets of paper with hand drawn stuff as the graphics.

    NOTE: Edited to fix link.

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