The No Asshole Rule

I’ve always believed in the “no asshole rule,” though it isn’t always easy to state in polite company. Still, there is no better way, in one sentence, to sum up a good management practice.

Now there is a book of that title, and Guy Kawasaki has a book review.

I’ve known a couple of executives in my past who would benefit from such a book. Of course, the people who really need 224 pages on this topic are the ones least likely to get the point. If you don’t get the rule in one sentence, a book isn’t going to help.

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6 thoughts on “The No Asshole Rule

  1. Bravo, one sentence says it all. I suppose thats why your not returning my numerous desperate calls.

  2. Dude, I’m talking with you right now … you’re talking about the environment of Bakersfield … bobcats, and kit foxes and an ecosystem that won’t be there any more.

  3. Its true its all gone crushed under the wheels of progress. They see an empty field full of weeds I see a sanctuary.

  4. When my kids were small I’d take them to watch the kit foxes at and near CSU Bakersfield. Some of the foxes lived in a series of holes in a lot on the edge of a canal. There were lots of squirrels, and so it was kinda cool to watch the kit foxes on the hunt at dusk… Then they got bulldozed.

    Now back to the main attraction: I wonder if Howard would be a Slum Lord kind of a boss, expecting ungodly word counts and insane quotes… yeah… I think so. He’s covering up. Don’t trust him. :)

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